[minervacirc] Adding barcodes to INN-Reach items

Moreno, Judith jmoreno at cmcc.edu
Tue Mar 23 17:05:14 EDT 2010

Hello Minervians,

My apologies in advance if I'm missing something completely obvious, but I'm looking for instructions on how to add a barcode to an INN-Reach virtual item, (Minerva to INN-Reach request), where a barcode doesn't exist.

I'm trying to check in an item we received from a non-Minerva library.  The barcode is not recognized.  I've tried a 'b' before the barcode, I've tried checking it in by title, and by item number.  There are instructions online, but they appear to be for the character based system??  If someone would point me in the right direction I'd be eternally grateful!

Thanks in advance!

Judi Moreno
Public Services Librarian
Central Maine Community College
1250 Turner Street
Auburn, ME 04210
jmoreno at cmcc.edu

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