[minervacirc] Adding barcodes to INN-Reach items

Moreno, Judith jmoreno at cmcc.edu
Wed Mar 24 15:32:56 EDT 2010


Here are a couple of tips I received from fellow librarians I can share regarding this.  Thanks for all your help, everyone.

>Try checking it out in the INN-Reach mode; it may have been processed incorrectly by the owning library, but this should create a virtual barcode for it and trigger the hold.  Then you can check it in normally.


>If a barcode has not been transmitted for an item that a patron has requested through INN-Reach, you must insert a barcode for the item before Millennium Circulation allows you to check in the item. To insert a barcode:
	[open patron record]  View the patron's INN-Reach items in the INN-Reach tab:
	Right-click the item that needs a barcode and select the Insert Barcode option from the pop-up menu.  This option is available only for items that have status REQUESTED (&) or RE-REQUESTED (_) and for which the barcode is blank.  Millennium Circulation prompts you to enter a barcode.
	Entering or scanning a barcode checks that item in and changes its status to RECEIVED (#).  If a message number is specified in the TEXT PICKUP NOTICE element of the Loan Rule, Millennium Circulation automatically prints a pickup notice.
	You should be able to check out the item in the checkout tab after following these steps.

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