[minervacirc] Best Practice Clarification

Cyndi Burne cyndi at topshamlibrary.org
Sat Dec 3 15:43:13 EST 2011

Hello All,

A quick point of clarification regarding the Best Practices manual.  The
first section regarding Patron Record Creation is not a suggested method but
in fact policy adopted by the Minerva Executive Board.  I have posted the
policy at the end of this message. 

Below are the steps to create a list of your library's patron records that
have expired or in some cases NO expiration dates. 

In Millennium find an empty slot under Create Lists.  Click on Search
Records and name, date and initial your file.  Select Patron under Store
Record Type.  Change Range to Index and select Barcode as your parameter and
enter your patron barcode range.  The three terms to enter are as follows: 

Type=Patron, Field= expiration date, Condition- <,  and Value A = 12/01/2006
Type=Patron, Field= money owed, Condition- =, and Value A = $0.00
Type=Patron, Field= home library, Condition- has, and Value A = your
library's code

Alisia has created a helpful screenshot of what the terms should look like
that you can find at:  


Once you have created your list you can fix the records yourself or submit a
support ticket at http://support.maineinfonet.org/ with the slot number of
the list you've created for global changes.

Remember patron records must have expiration dates in order to access Marvel
and Overdrive. 

If you have any questions please let me know.

Thank you 

Cyndi Burne
Assistant Director
Topsham Public Library
25 Foreside Road
Topsham ME, 04086
207 725-1727
cyndi at topshamlibrary.org

Patron Records
Creating a Patron Record
Primary Fields:
.	Full name, with middle initial, if applicable
.	Phone Number, with area code
.	Email address
.	Current mailing address
Secondary Fields:
.	Birth date
.	License Number         
Prohibited:  Collection of Patron's Social Security Number

All Patron records must expire after one year.  Inactive patron records
should be purged from the system after five years, with the exception of
patrons with billed items on their record.
The only time a library may alter another library's patron's record is to
add either "a" for "verify address" or "z" for "verify email" to the
PMESSAGE field. In instances where a postal address is found to be
undeliverable, the library should add the text: (UND) to the beginning of
the first address line within the patron account in order to flag the
address as undeliverable the next time a notice is generated for the
*Libraries are strongly encouraged to explore Minerva for a preexisting
account before entering a patron.  The handling of this information is to be
decided at a local level.

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