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Marie Morey mmorey at gray.lib.me.us
Wed Dec 14 12:22:34 EST 2011

I agree with Andy, this is just one more message that is popping up which is
not needed. Circulation staff have been asking about it. I'd like to turn it
off. Most of the books that have multiple holds on them people are already
aware of the holds because they have been waiting a long time to get the
book themselves. I am in favor of turning this feature off.




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Hi all. I know that this question was asked awhile back, but I'm not sure
that it was ever resolved, and so I'm throwing it out again at the behest of
my frustrated co-workers. Recently, whenever an item with several holds on
it is checked out in Millennium, a new message has been popping up which
says "Item has additional holds for other patrons." I understand that this
message is probably there so that patrons can be notified that they won't be
able to renew the item, however it seems to be just one more hurdle to cross
to get to the actual checkout, and the more hurdles the greater the
opportunity for a checkout mistake to occur (if the person isn't watching
the screen carefully and just keeps scanning other items, for instance). So
my question is, have any of you found a way to disable or turn off this
message? Thanks for any info you can provide. Have a great week.

--Andy Ryer

Andrew J. Ryer
Circulation Librarian 
Thomas Memorial Library
6 Scott Dyer Rd.
Cape Elizabeth, ME 04107
(207) 799-1720
aryer at thomas.lib.me.us

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