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Andy Ryer aryer at thomas.lib.me.us
Wed Dec 14 12:27:32 EST 2011

I've opened a ticket with InfoNet and I'll let you all know when and what I
hear. Happy Wednesday!

--Andy Ryer

p.s. -- I'm curious what the threshold is at which this message appears. I
don't think it shows up for items with only 1 or 2 holds, does it? So I
wonder at what number of holds this message begins appearing. Anyone want
to guess the number of jelly beans in this jar??

On Wed, Dec 14, 2011 at 12:22 PM, Marie Morey <mmorey at gray.lib.me.us> wrote:

> I agree with Andy, this is just one more message that is popping up which
> is not needed. Circulation staff have been asking about it. I’d like to
> turn it off. Most of the books that have multiple holds on them people are
> already aware of the holds because they have been waiting a long time to
> get the book themselves. I am in favor of turning this feature off.****
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> Marie****
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> Hi all. I know that this question was asked awhile back, but I'm not sure
> that it was ever resolved, and so I'm throwing it out again at the behest
> of my frustrated co-workers. Recently, whenever an item with several holds
> on it is checked out in Millennium, a new message has been popping up which
> says "Item has additional holds for other patrons." I understand that this
> message is probably there so that patrons can be notified that they won't
> be able to renew the item, however it seems to be just one more hurdle to
> cross to get to the actual checkout, and the more hurdles the greater the
> opportunity for a checkout mistake to occur (if the person isn't watching
> the screen carefully and just keeps scanning other items, for instance). So
> my question is, have any of you found a way to disable or turn off this
> message? Thanks for any info you can provide. Have a great week.
> --Andy Ryer
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