[minervacirc] Minerva Millennium and OPAC back on-line

Alisia Revitt alisia.revitt at maineinfonet.org
Tue Feb 8 15:25:15 EST 2011

Ok, more details as they emerge!

1. If you were unable to log in, please try again.  We had accidentally left
a bunch of ip addresses blocked.  Whoops.

2. It looks like the system will accept one file upload per minute (they are
date and time stamped).  Therefore, if you get an error message that says
that you can't upload because the server isn't happy (I'm paraphrasing,
here), please wait and try again in a few minutes.  Sadly, there's just no
way to get everybody on a schedule.

3. Some libraries are using a transition step of stopping the offline circ
module, keeping track on paper till the end of the day, and starting to
actively use millennium for circ in the morning.  That is a nice, safe way
to do it, if you think you can handle the extra work.  If you want to leap
back into using circ, that is fine, too, just be aware, as I said, that
there will no doubt be more error messages than usual and probably some
small snags.

Keep letting me know what's what.

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On Tue, Feb 8, 2011 at 3:00 PM, Alisia Revitt <
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> Hello all!
> Minerva is back and better than ever.  Or hopefully so.
> Catalogers and acquire-rs: log back in and get back to business.  If you
> see any odd slowdown or hang-ups, please let us know.
> Circulators: We're ready to give minerva a stress test, so I'm going to
> have you just jump on in and start loading your offline circ transactions.
>  Please see the directions below for guidance.
> A. Create Backup of offline file
> 1. go to c:\Millennium\Offline
> 2. find the file called circ.dat
> 3. right click on the file and "copy"
> 4. right click elsewhere in the screen and "paste" - you now have a file
> called "copy of circ.dat"
> 5. right click and "rename" the copy to "20110208circ.dat"
> 6. Repeat steps 2-5 for the file called "patron.dat"
> B. Upload your offline transactions
> 1. Open Offline Circ program
> 2. Go to File > Upload Circulation and Patron File
> 3. Is the server ready?  YES
> 4. Clear file?  NO!
> Please DO NOT go into the Circulation module and process the files.  There
> are going to be so many going in that we would like to do the processing
> ourselves and check on the error logs as they go by.  We'll process every
> half an hour, so you will know that you will be caught up relatively soon.
> Go ahead and return to using Millennium Circulation as usual.  You are
> likely to see some more errors than usual, particularly along the lines of
> items being already checked out to people, or of items being on hold for
> someone (that found their way back to the shelves instead of onto the hold
> shelf).
> We will let you know about the error messages for your library and of any
> barcodes of items that you need to chase down or check on.
> Please feel free to ask about any error messages you might see and/or snags
> that have come up.
> Thanks,
> Alisia
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