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Alisia Revitt alisia.revitt at maineinfonet.org
Wed Feb 9 01:07:40 EST 2011

Ok, here is the current state of things, I believe.  If you loaded a file,
please Follow these steps.

A) See if your name is on the list below.  If it is, follow directions as
below.  If it's not, email me, but don't panic.  That's why I had you not
clear the file and save a backup copy.

Group 1 - I can see that your records have been loaded and the circ person
(among others) should have received an email with the "error" notifications
from your load.
* Bailey
* Ludden
* Rockland
* Scarborough
* Thomas College

Group 2 - I can see that your records have been loaded and the circ person
(among others) should have received an email with the "error" notifications
from your load.  However, I believe that one of your machines did not have
your statistical entered in, as I found a number of entries that were
checkouts for your patrons, but were not assigned to you.
* Jesup
* McArthur
* SouthPortland
* Thomas Memorial
If you want to be able to count these checkout stats, open Offline circ on
each of your computers you used and go to View > Preferences.  Look for one
where the "Statistics Group" is not set.  For this computer, follow the
directions below to count your checkouts.

Group 3 - I can see a number of transactions checked out to your patrons.
 However, the statistical group/terminal number was not correctly assigned,
so these will not be counted in your statistics and are harder to track
down.  I haven't yet emailed you your error messages because they're harder
to pinpoint.
* Gardiner? (I think these may actually be Lithgow transactions?)
* Lithgow
* Old Town
* Unity
* Washington CCC
* Witherle
 a) To set your statistical group (Do this!):  Open Offline Circulation on
all machines where you use it and go to View > Preferences.  In the
"Statistics Group", put a statistical terminal number from your library's
range in here (see here for stat groups:
http://www.maine.gov/infonet/minerva/statistics/statnums.htm.  Any one in
your range will do in a pinch.)
 b) To count the number of checkouts you did while offline, go to your
cleverly saved 20110208circ.dat file and open it using notepad (this is on
every Windows machine and will read anything).  There are lots of rows of
data beginning either i: or o: Count all the rows that start with o: as
these are checkouts.  If you think you might go insane counting, you could
copy (ctrl+C) the contents of notepad and paste them into Excel, then sort
to put all of the o:s together.
 c) I will get a list of errors to you Wednesday afternoon.

B). Do some spot-checks:
1. Grab a selection of books waiting to be shelved.  Make sure they are
properly checked in.
2. Try to remember some items that were checked out (maybe someone on staff
or a frequent patron).  Check the patron record - are they checked out?

C). If your error messages included things that needed fixing (like MaineCat
items to be checked out), take care of those.

D). When all that is taken care of and you're relatively confident that
things are ok, clear your offline transactions.  Do it now because you do
NOT want these hanging around the next time we need to use offline circ.
 They just create tons of errors and gunk things up.  Clear them by opening
Offline Circ and going to File > Erase circulation transactions...  If you
did any patron maintenance, then clear that file in the same way File >
Clear patron registration data...

The good news is I have the outline of a really solid plan for how to work
things next time we need to use offline circ and of all of the strange and
wonderful things that everyone needs to know for things to go smoothly.  The
sad part is that it took this crisis to create it and for some people to
have a bumpy ride to figure things out.  Ongoing thanks to you all for your
patience and understanding and good cheer.

 Alisia Revitt  |  Systems Training and Support Librarian  |  Maine InfoNet
|  alisia.revitt at maineinfonet.org
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