[minervacirc] Hold Shelf Errors from Offline Circ -- read even if you didn't use offline circ!

Alisia Revitt alisia.revitt at maineinfonet.org
Wed Feb 9 17:15:50 EST 2011

Hi, All.

Without being too specific, there were some additional problems regarding
items being placed "on the hold shelf" (thereby sending notices to your
patrons), when they are not really on your hold shelf.  I believe that this
is because the system did not think to put something into transit when you
checked it in.  Instead, it assumed that it was at the right location to go
straight onto the hold shelf.  So, things that are actually checked in, and
getting reshelved at their home library are listed as being on the hold
shelf at another library.

There are about 140 of these, so I can't go through and look them all up,
but here is what if everybody takes their share, and not all are a problem,
then it won't be so bad.

Here's what you should do.
* open the attached excel file.
* find your library in the library column.  These are the items that are
supposed to be on your hold shelf.
* check and see if they are, if so, great.
* if they're not on your shelf then
a) you probably want to tell your patron not to come in to get them yet!
b) use the item number to look up where they are from, email that library,
and ask that they pull the item and send it to you
* when someone asks you to do the same, send the item with your next

This does create a complex web of emails, but I can't think of a better way
for everyone to look after their own patrons.

There will also be knock-on effects of the system thinking that stuff has
been on the hold shelf for longer than it really has.  There's nothing we
can particularly do with that, just be aware.

Please note, there are no details of what a patron has checked out in the
attached file - there are only patron names and item numbers for you to look

Thanks again,
 Alisia Revitt  |  Systems Training and Support Librarian  |  Maine InfoNet
|  alisia.revitt at maineinfonet.org
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