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Ulla Messerschmidt umesserschmidt at thomas.lib.me.us
Tue Jul 19 14:50:18 EDT 2011

Hi all,

cam, cml, fml, mso and pfl patrons have bib level holds on the video "Treme.
The complete first season, bib 27865836.
BFL separated their video into two item records so your patrons run the risk
of receiving discs 3-4 before discs 1-2.
Thought you would want to change the holds to item level holds.

A Walker patron has a bib level hold on True blood. The complete third
season, bib 28028934. Rice library broke up their set so you need to change
the hold to an item level hold.

A SoPo patron has a bib level hold on the broken up set of  Eleanor and
Franklin, bib 20255512


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Thomas Memorial Library
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umesserschmidt at thomas.lib.me.us
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