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I have done just that on occasion.  Why risk someone else's material when it
is just as easy to not fill the hold and ship it home to be repaired or
replaced.  Especially if there are other copies of the item on that record.


Susan Taylor

Edythe Dyer Library

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Sending damaged items back to the home library seems more patron friendly
than keeping them in circulation. 


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[minervacirc] To Send or To Send Home




At Scarborough Public Library, we take great pride in the condition
of our materials.  We physically check every disc that is returned
for scratches and smudges, immediately repair any damage to covers on
books or other materials, and never let a cracked case leave the
building.  Which brings up an inter-library point - at what point in
time should an item not fulfill a hold but instead be sent back to
its home for repairs?  We have received crushed DVD cases with a note
"case cracked upon arrival", followed up another library putting a
ditto mark, followed by another library putting a ditto mark, and on
and it goes.  And we have now gotten notes back saying "patron
reports disc cracked"... and then being sent along to fulfill the next

I truly understand that this can become a sticky situation.  Each
library has its own standards for what is allowed to be circulated,
what needs repair, and what needs a new case.  However, there should
be some kind of base-line that all libraries work off of rather than
just continually sending damaged goods and packaging from one library
to the next.  If I were asked, I would prefer that damaged cases be
sent back to us rather than sending it along to fulfill the next
hold.  And if someone receives an item with something damaged or

If anyone has any insight or suggestions, they would be greatly

Yours in circulation librarianship,

Josh Tiffany, MLIS
Head of Circulation
Scarborough Public Library
48 Gorham Road
Scarborough ME 04074
207-883-4723 x6268

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