[minervacirc] Overdue Coincidence

Jennifer Leo jleo at westbrook.me.us
Tue Oct 25 11:53:54 EDT 2011

I had a patron report today that he had renewed his items a couple days
ago and the system showed them as not renewed.

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A quick question for those living in circulation land.

Yesterday I had three different patrons all report that they renewed 
their items online but didn't have the due date stick.  When I 
questioned them further, it appears they attempted to renew their 
items during days and/or times when Millennium was down.

So my question - has anyone else had to deal with such instances in 
the past few days?  Or am I just the victim of a massive patron-
centered conspiracy?



Josh Tiffany, MLIS
Head of Circulation
Scarborough Public Library
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