[minervacirc] More on the SMLD MaineCat Bridge loaning -- IF YOU DO DELIVERY, PLEASE READ!

Alisia Revitt alisia.revitt at maineinfonet.org
Mon Apr 30 14:00:11 EDT 2012

At the last circ meeting, we talked a bit about the Bridge program where
Portland Public is providing access to some of the SMLD libraries via
MaineCat.  Requests come in from Portland Public, but the patron line
instructs you to send them directly to the participating libraries.  I've
included an email from her below with the basic info, and also some
follow-up details from questions we had at the meeting:

Good afternoon all,
> You might have already heard about our new program for non-MaineCat
> libraries who are using the delivery service. In cooperation with Maine
> InfoNet and III, we have set it up so that staff members at participating
> SMLD libraries may use their library's PPL card to request materials via
> MaineCat that can then be delivered directly to the requesting library via
> Freedom Xpress.
> The resulting paging slips can be somewhat confusing, as both Portland
> Public Library and the SMLD Bridge library are mentioned. To help lenders
> identify the correct destination for these requests, we have added "Send
> to" the patron name, so that the paging slip instructs the lending library
> to "Send to Berwick Public Library" in the patron name field. The patron
> name field should, in these cases, be in agreement with the "pickup at"
> field, and that's what lenders should use when sorting and mailing.
> I have attached a few sample paging slips to illustrate. When materials
> are sent to PPL instead of to the Bridge library, the entire transaction is
> delayed. The prompt return of your materials depends in part upon their
> prompt delivery up front.
> Feel free to print/share the following list of current Bridge program
> participants and post it near the area in your library where MaineCat
> requests are processed and shipped:
> Berwick Public Library
> Bridgton Public Library
> Dyer Library (Saco)
> Harrison Village Library
> Kennebunk Free Library
> Merrill Memorial Library
> New Gloucester Public Library
> Prince Memorial Library
> South Berwick Public Library
> All of these libraries use the delivery system and are set up to accept
> Bridge loans from your libraries directly. In the months ahead, we might
> add a few more SMLD libraries to this list; I'll let you know when that
> happens.
> While we are ramping up the Bridge program, you will likely continue to
> see OCLC requests from PPN on behalf of these libraries. We, and they,
> appreciate the generosity with which you continue to share your collections
> as we work toward a more comprehensive statewide plan for reciprocal
> lending.
> Questions? Suggestions? Send them my way.
> Many thanks,
> Jessica Thomas, MLIS
> Interlibrary Loan Supervisor
> Portland Public Library
> 5 Monument Square
> Portland, ME  04101
> (207) 871-1700 ext. 735
> www.portlandlibrary.com

Alisia again:
1) Notice the new DYER library in Saco, which is not the EDITH DYER library
in Hampden.  Also, both BERWICK and SOUTH BERWICK.
2) Regarding the questions of overdues and fines, Jessica says, "A good
question! All of these patron accounts have email addresses attached, so
they get overdue notices via email just like our individual patrons do. In
addition, staff at these libraries are monitoring their accounts online.
They are often aware of their overdues before our notices have even gone
out. As for billing, we should probably treat it as we would any other
MaineCat bill; the lender should get in touch with us, since the borrowing
library is technically our patron. I don't foresee a huge problem with
fines; we accept payment online, and they're blocked from requesting or
renewing if they have a bill, so I believe that they will work quickly to
resolve any debts. "

Please give a shout if you have any points of clarification.


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