[minervacirc] Searching for INN-Reach items checked out by your patrons

Barbara Bartley bbartley at kvcc.me.edu
Thu Dec 20 08:13:28 EST 2012

After much gnashing-of-the-teeth and pulling-out-of-the-hair, it came back to me: search patrons by P-Type ("94" for students, in our case) - then export location, along with other desired fields.

I don't know about everyone else, but it seems to me that the simpler the search qualifiers stay, the more successful the list creation goes... although maybe it's just me.

Thanks for posting, Alisia!

Barbara Bartley, Public Services Librarian
KVCC Lunder Library

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Subject: [minervacirc] Getting a list of your patrons with INN-Reach/MaineCat items?

Hi, All.

I had someone ask if I remembered now to get a list of your own patrons that have INN-Reach items out (or even better, overdue, but out is a good start).

I'm drawing a complete blank.  I remember discusing it, but don't remember ever getting a good way to do it.  The problem is that virtual items (which are attached to the MaineCat requests) are not searched as part of the lists program, so doing something clever like searching for the MaineCat incoming loan rule in an item attached to your patrons doesn't work (my first brilliant idea.)

Does anybody have a reliable way to do this?  Is my solar-powered brain just out of juice?


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