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I sent it to the Minerva list and to minervacirc at lists.maine.gov. Is
that the right address for circ? Did it not go through yesterday?


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Will you please post this to the circulation list serve as well?  Thanks


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Subject: [MINERVA-L] billed items belonging to other Minerva libraries


Hi All,

A consistent issue that I am noticing is that when I receive checks from
other Minerva libraries or their patrons the charges have already been


A reminder: Please do not collect charges for billed items if the item
does not belong to you. Each library handles their billed items
differently; some libraries reconcile their fine and bill collection
with Millennium and mark the items a particular way. Collecting charges
at the borrowing library rather than the owning library can throw off
the balancing of cash drawers,etc. Also, by collecting charges you are
changing the status of another library's item. The Minerva Integrity of
Records policy:

The keystone to the success of Minerva as a consortium lies in the
ongoing respect among members for the local ownership and control of
individual item and patron records.

In order to preserve the integrity of records, and to facilitate the
movement of materials across the network, no member may edit or
otherwise alter item or patron records belonging to another member, nor
may they override or otherwise work around 'blocks' and/or limitations
imposed by the system (such as circulation periods, renewal eligibility,
replacement charges, etc.) without first consulting with the owning

2.When an owning library receives payment for a billed Minerva
interlibrary loan item, the owning library enters the billed patron's
account, highlights the SYSTEM GENERATED charge on the account (not the
manual charge) for their item and mark the amount as "collected".

Thank you,

Jen Leo


Jennifer Alvino Leo, MLIS 

NELA Past-President 

Head of Circulation/Public Service Systems Coordinator 

Walker Memorial Library 

800 Main St 

Westbrook, ME 04092 

(207)854-0630 ext 253 

Fax (207)854-0629

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