[minervacirc] MaineCat (INN_Reach) requests from Portland Public for SMLD libraries

Jane Boyle jboyle at bates.edu
Thu Feb 16 08:44:30 EST 2012

Are all the new test libraries part of the courier system or will I be mailing 
some? If I will be mailing, then
to which libraries will need the mail service? You can respond off list if necessary.
Jane Boyle
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On 2/16/2012 7:11 AM, Alisia Revitt wrote:
> Please read the following from Portland Public's ILL department.  They are 
> conducting a test with MaineCat and delivery that requires you to send items to 
> different Southern Maine libraries, even though the request is from Portland Public!
>     We are conducting a test of a new service that will bridge the service gap
>     between MaineCat and the 12 SMLD libraries who subscribe to the delivery
>     service but have been unable to become MaineCat participants due to the
>     limitations of our current infrastructure. When you get an INN-Reach paging
>     slip from Portland Public Library on which the patron name reads "Send to
>     Dyer Library Saco" or "Send to Merrill Meml Lib Yarmouth." Although PPL's
>     name appears several times on both the paging slip and the pickup slip,
>     priority should be given to the name in the patron field. If the patron name
>     says "Send to..." a particular library, please put the book in the delivery
>     system directly to them. Do not send the item to Portland Public Library.
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