[minervacirc] News for MaineCat lenders about SMLD borrowing

Jessica Thomas jessica.thomas at gmail.com
Wed Jan 25 12:47:00 EST 2012

(With apologies for cross-postings)

Portland Public Library is excited to share some news about an ARRC
service we are currently testing.

We are working to bridge the service gap between MaineCat and the 12
SMLD libraries who subscribe to the delivery service but have been
unable to become MaineCat participants due to the limitations of our
current infrastructure. Our goal is to enable direct delivery between
lending libraries and these SMLD libraries and avoid the intermediate
handling of items here in Portland. Dyer Library in Saco and Merrill
Memorial Library in Yarmouth are assisting us with the experiment.

In the days ahead, you might start seeing INN-Reach paging slips from
Portland Public Library on which the patron name reads "Send to Dyer
Library Saco" or "Send to Merrill Meml Lib Yarmouth." Although PPL's
name appears several times on both the paging slip and the pickup
slip, priority should be given to the name in the patron field. If the
patron name says "Send to..." a particular library, please put the
book in the delivery system directly to them. Do not send the item to
Portland Public Library.

We have worked with III and the staff of Maine Infonet to make the
paging slips as clear as possible given the system's constraints.
While we recognize that the new paging slips might be a little
confusing at first glance, we think that with time and practice this
procedure can become routine for all MaineCat lenders.

We are deeply grateful to all of you who have helped us test the
process already, and to those of you who already lend so freely to our
district libraries. We continue to look for ways to improve our
services to our district clients and welcome your questions and


Jessica Thomas
ILL Supervisor
Portland Public Library
thomas at portland.lib.me.us

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