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Jennifer Leo jleo at westbrook.me.us
Thu Mar 15 13:28:03 EDT 2012

Hi All, 

Please remember to collect the system generated replacement charges for
your items from the borrowing library patron record when you receive a
check for payment for a billed item. After discovering charges still on
two of my patron records today after payment had been made, I started
going back through all my paid bills. I found several more instances
where the charges had either never been collected or the item had been
checked in or deleted. The only way to properly remove the system
generated charges following the Minerva billing procedure is to collect
the charges from the fines tab. Deleting the item or checking the item
in leaves the system generated charges on the patron record along with
the manual charge that is added when a bill is paid to another Minerva

Thank you,

Jen Leo


Jennifer Alvino Leo, MLIS

NELA Past-President

Walker Memorial Library

Head of Lending Services/Public Service Systems Coordinator

800 Main St.

Westbrook, ME 04092

jleo at westbrook.me.us

207-854-0630 fax 207-854-0629


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