[minervacirc] Odd Holds During Malfunction

Josh Tiffany jrt at scarborough.lib.me.us
Thu Apr 18 15:58:31 EDT 2013

Greetings and salutations.

During yesterday's outage, I attempted to place a hold on my account 
using the OPAC during the brief system restore at 3PM (prior to the 
system being overwhelmed and going down again).  This morning, I find 
a hold on my record for a book I've never heard of.

So I'm sending out a friendly possibility - patrons who requested 
during that small window may have been subject to some Minerva 
madness.  So, if in the coming days you find yourself facing patrons 
who have no idea what you are holding in your hands for them, this 
may be the case.

Just wanted to give a heads up in case I wasn't alone.



Josh Tiffany
Head of Circulation
Scarborough Public Library
48 Gorham Road
Scarborough ME 04074
207-883-4723 x6268

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