[minervacirc] Extending the time before the OPAC reverts to default?

Peggy Malley peggy.malley at ludden.lib.me.us
Thu Aug 22 17:18:21 EDT 2013

I agree, the time out setting is rather annoying and I would also like to 
have the title search return as the default search.

Peggy Malley
Library Director
Ludden Memorial Library
Dixfield, ME 04224
peggy.malley at ludden.lib.me.us

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I too am finding the time out setting very annoying and a waste of my time. 
don't believe it was always so.

If I do a search in OPAC and try to work with the results in any way, even
trying to go between the OPAC and Millennium, the results page times out
too quickly and goes back to a new search.

I like to search by title, but even if I am logged in, the search times out 
goes back to keyword. I believe as Joyce does, that the old mode allowed us
to hang out forever at the screen if we so chose.

Finally, our OPACs in the Library were configured with title search first. 
that still an option if we want to revert to that search format?


Susan Winch, MLS
Assistant Director
Scarborough Public Library
48 Gorham Road
Scarborough, ME 04074
slw at scarborough.lib.me.us
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