[minervacirc] Expired card messages

Susan Taylor susan.taylor at edythedyer.lib.me.us
Wed Dec 18 10:10:04 EST 2013

I like it.  Something that would go out 4 weeks before the expiration date.


Susan Taylor

Edythe Dyer Library

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Hampden, ME


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Just had a patron ask if there was way that the system could send a message
to a patron via email that their card was about to expire, so that they
could renew their card and not lose any on-line borrowing privileges.  Is
that something Minerva/Millenium has the capacity to do and is it something
we want?  Just throwing this idea out to the masses, who can then just throw
it out!


Joyce L Wiebe

Circulation manager

Orono Public Library

39 Pine St

Orono, ME 04473




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