[minervacirc] Millennium Magick Trick... clarified

Josh Tiffany jrt at scarborough.lib.me.us
Wed Feb 27 16:50:05 EST 2013

Many have sent along suggestions that the magick trick occurs when an 
item is checked back in from an non-Minerva transaction (INN-Reach, 
SOLAR, etc.).  While this theory does hold weight, it does not 
totally solve the mystery.

I have discovered that there are items being checked in as recent as 
yesterday that are coming up with no last patron and active checks.  

So yes, some of them may well be from non-Minerva transactions, but 
something else is going on...

The mystery continues.


Josh Tiffany
Head of Circulation
Scarborough Public Library
48 Gorham Road
Scarborough ME 04074
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