[minervacirc] Reminder: Minerva Circulation Round Table Augusta this FRIDAY

Alisia Revitt alisia.revitt at maineinfonet.org
Wed Jun 19 11:30:18 EDT 2013

Doesn't time fly when you're having fun!

Our next Minerva Circulation Round Table meeting is in Augusta at MSL and
remotely at York Public (thanks!) from 10-12:30.

(to be honest, it will be a lot of
Main topic of discussion will probably be the splitting of tv sets.

Other topics include:

Discussion of limiting choice when setting items into transit: current vote
is strong YES for this.

Creation of a "deleted" ptype for old patron records

Bouncing notices

How do you on-the-fly?

Keyword vs title searching in the OPAC - you can choose for your scope

Reminder: INN-Reach items must be scanned into transit under the INN-Reach
tab checkout, not like Minerva items

New Generic “Guest” patron type for minerva--limited checkouts, no ILL

New "Deleted" patron type for patrons you want to delete but have stuck

Let me know if I'm forgetting anything!


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