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Ok here is my best shot....

When bib level holds are place on records that contain volume fields those
holds are at the mercy of the system which will randomly assign an item to
fulfill the hold.  This is okay if all items attached to the Bib record are
complete sets, but if a library breaks up their edition into pieces then
each piece gets its own item record and a patron with a Bib level hold might
end up with disk 3 of a series.  This problem occurs almost exclusively with
multiple disk TV series sets.  If you look at a Downton Abbey season Bib
record you will see what I mean.

Clear as mud?

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Perhaps it would also help if you could outline the problem, and explain
again why this should not be done. We have a lot of volunteers who place

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On 3/14/2013 2:27 PM, Cyndi Burne wrote:
> I agree and will send to the circulation list serve as well. To help 
> narrow down the suspects you can see the date and time the hold was 
> placed.
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> I have a suggestion that maybe we should send this information to the 
> Minerva-L listserv. It's not only the circulation staff who place 
> holds for patrons. I'm sure that other staff within a library place 
> holds, also, like the reference or children's departments. I think all 
> staff should be made aware of how to do this.
> Karen
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> tpl, wlk, wpl, ypl:
> In spite of the frequent discussions about item level vs. bib level 
> holds on multidiscs, bib level holds are STILL being placed on Downton 
> Abbey dvd sets, seasons 1-3. Season 1 has 8 bib holds, season 2 has 14 
> bib holds, and season 3 has 7 bib holds. Even though the records have 
> all been edited and have the item volume fields, this continues to 
> happen. The patrons with these holds belong to the libraries 
> referenced above.
> What is the answer? I encourage everyone to make sure that their circ 
> staff understand the problem. I don't mean to throw anyone "under the 
> bus" but I can't figure out how this is happening other than placing 
> holds in millennium circulation mode.
> Thanks
> Ellen
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