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Gmail Team aryer at thomas.lib.me.us
Fri Apr 11 10:18:24 EDT 2014

Hiya. In case you couldn't tell, or didn't see Alisia's message, yes, it
looks like my email account was hacked last night and a fraudulent message
was sent out to everyone on these listservs and beyond. So please don't
open the email and definitely don't click on the attachment. I know that my
email promised a tantalizing message that I desperately wanted you to know
about, but I'll just tell it to you here instead:  Richard Rubin is AMAZING
and you should all have him over to your library post haste. Not only did
he give a fabulous presentation on an interesting subject and stay for over
an hour to answer questions and chat with patrons about their own
experiences and memories, but he also baked us a fresh batch of scones
(which were to DIE for) and then gave everyone on staff shoulder massages
and free financial advice. He's got a firm handshake, gives great big bear
hugs, and smells pleasingly of pine. Really, I can't say enough good things
about the man, and as you can see, it's been keeping me up nights. So
please, invite him to your library and remember, DON'T OPEN MY PREVIOUS
EMAIL. Happy Friday, everybody!

--Andy Ryer

Andrew J. Ryer
Circulation Librarian
Thomas Memorial Library
6 Scott Dyer Rd.
Cape Elizabeth, ME 04107
(207) 799-1720
aryer at thomas.lib.me.us
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