[minervacirc] Prepare for Sierra Step 3: Testing Your Username

Lynn Uhlman lynn.uhlman at maineinfonet.org
Wed Aug 27 13:11:55 EDT 2014

Good Afternoon,

It is time for everyone to try their own personal access to the new Sierra
system.  Please follow the directions below to test your access and make
sure the functions you need are listed in the Functions Menu.  If you are
missing anything, please let us know by noon on Wednesday 9/3, so we have
time to fix them before the switch to Sierra on 9/8.

When the system comes back up, Millennium will be no longer, so you will
have to use Sierra. It will be super busy here with various questions and
issues, so tweaking individual user access may take some time.  *Please
test early.*

*Some background:*

When you first sign in to Millennium, you do so with a login/password
(oplcat, fmlcirc, etc.). Once you’re in, it then prompts you for your
initials/password (snorman, arevitt, etc.). However, in Sierra, there is
only one username that you will need to sign-in to the system. This
username and password will be the same as your initials and password that
you used in Millennium. There are some exceptions, but those folks know who
they are since they were in contact with MIN staff directly.

The Maine InfoNet team had to do the login + initials math by hand for each
"new" username, based on what you told us about your usage in the survey a
few weeks ago.  We know that plenty of tweaking will need to be done, so we
would like to get some of the simpler issues out of the way now by
verifying that you can sign-in with your initials and that the functions
you need are available.

*Since we're in preview*, you *will not* have permission to actually do
anything. If you try, a message will appear stating that you don't have
permissions and promp you for different initials.  *That is fine*--*you
will *have the permissions once we go live next week.

*Steps to log in and things to check:*

Please send us a ticket (support.maineinfonet.org) if any of the following
checks are not correct for your username.  In the ticket, please include:
your name, initials in Millennium, the login(s) that you use in Millennium,
and what does not look right. Include the words "Minerva username" in the
subject and be sure to include in the body of the message the username and
password you’re using, plus exactly what is wrong/missing (especially any

*Pre-check:* Sierra should already be installed on any machines that you
use Millennium on, but if not, please follow the directions for installing

password: sierra

*1. Login:*

Open Sierra by double-clicking the icon and enter your initials and
password that you use in Millennium (the 2nd set you enter in Millennium).
 EXCEPTION: If you have spoken directly to one of the MIN staff about your
username being unusual or different (for example, if you only signed in
once for a desk or if you serve more than one location).

 *2.     Check functions:*

 Sierra has only one module for all functions now, rather than separate
modules for circ, cat, serials, and acquisitions. Therefore, functions for
everything that you do in Millennium should be listed in the drop-down menu
in the upper right of the Sierra window labeled FUNCTIONS.  Look through
that list and make sure that all of the functions you normally use in
Millennium (in any module) are there.  If anything is missing, send in a
ticket and let us know (for example: if you do serials checkin, but Serials
is not listed in your Functions menu). Similarly, if there is an entire
category of functions that you never use, we can hide it from your view so
you have less scrolling.

*3.     Check current locations:*

Verify by going to Help > About, and check that your "current locations
served" is your library.

 ** If your department uses a generic desk or student login, please also
follow the same steps again for any of these logins as well.**

*Some reminders:*

The system will be offline on Monday 9/8 for migration to Sierra!  When it
comes back up there will be no more Millennium.

Information about the Sierra Migration status (including links to this info
on the web) can be found here:

password: sierra

If you have any questions or concerns, please drop us a line at our help
desk: http://support.maineinfonet.org

Yours in migration,

The Maine InfoNet Team
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