[minervacirc] [MinervaCats] Can we stop the Downton-ageddon???

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Mon Feb 3 13:06:29 EST 2014

Not to pick on Norway or go off on a crazy rant here but, now that the  
question of whether or not we can avoid Downton-ageddon has been  
answered with a resounding "no" I'll just say...

I find this situation more than a little frustrating. The idea that  
one library (as Norway is currently the only one) can, would and, by  
the standard, should put a set broken into individual discs on a  
record filled with complete sets with existing bib level holds and  
thereby create a situation where every other library in the system  
needs to move their patrons' holds onto particular records is kind of  
absurd, isn't it?

Since the system is incapable of distinguishing between these items,  
shouldn't these broken up sets be put somewhere else? Disc 1 is not  
Downton Abbey Season 4, it's an artificially created part of that  
season and therefore, while I think it's a library's prerogative to  
create such a broken up set, I don't think it should be on the same  
record as the complete set. It's really not the same thing anymore,  
right? Obviously, nobody who requested the season wants just one disc  
and, until this set was added, everybody requested the season.

I can recall a few times when this has happened to a book that someone  
accidentally added a c2 to the volume field of and suddenly everyone  
had to pick an individual copy for no reason. That's not as  
frustrating because everyone still got the correct book. In this case,  
what's been done is really changing what people could receive and I  
don't understand why that's an option we're continuing to offer.

What if this wasn't Downton Abbey but instead was an older series with  
holds on it that the list wasn't paying attention to? I can't be the  
only one who thinks it's crazy that we should be required to  
continually monitor every set in the system on the off chance that a  
library adds a broken up set to the record and then, when a library  
does do that, that it should be everyone else's responsibility to fix  
the situation for their own patrons. Again, no offense intended toward  
Norway. I totally get that you're just doing what you need to do in  
order to circulate this series in the manner that best suits your  
patrons but the situation that's been unavoidably created is something  
along the lines of untenable. :)



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Quoting "Ulla Messerschmidt" <umesserschmidt at thomas.lib.me.us>:

> Attn.: bfl, bml, cml, edl, lit, mca, opl, swh, tho, wlk, wpl, ypl
> I just added our copy and there are still 24 bib level holds that need to
> be moved to item level holds . The patrons might otherwise risk to get one
> of Norway's discs out of order.
> Ulla
> On Fri, Jan 24, 2014 at 12:29 PM, Joshua Tiffany  
> <jtiffany at gray.lib.me.us>wrote:
>> Greetings all,
>> Since Tuesday will be the eagerly anticipated release of season 4 of
>> Downton Abbey, I was wondering if it might be nice to consider some options
>> other than business as usual for this item.
>> As it stands now, one library has a live copy in circulation and another
>> has one on order.  As of this writing, there are currently 48 individuals
>> with a bib-level hold on the item.  According to cataloging standards,
>> since the item has multiple discs the volume field is to be used to
>> identify complete set or individual discs.  Which means that those 48
>> people already waiting in line have no idea if they are going to get the
>> complete set or individual discs.  Plus once more libraries go active with
>> their copies and more individuals place holds, a person sitting at home
>> will be guided to select an individual item and be led to believe that they
>> are second or third in line for a copy, as opposed to 50th.
>> Additionally, libraries that are quick to process their item will start to
>> bear the burden of those eager to get the item.
>> I realize that this topic is part of a larger issue being kicked around
>> the collective brain, but since this issue is hitting us on Tuesday, I was
>> hoping that we might come to some consensus to deal with the situation that
>> best serves the patrons seeking this series.  Any variation from standing
>> rules would apply in this one isolated instance and would in no way be
>> construed to reflect new policy.
>> I would suggest either the establishment of two bib-records - one for
>> complete sets where the volume field is not used, and one for split up sets
>> where the volume field reflects the individual disc.  Or having all
>> libraries circulate the item as a whole for at least as long as there is
>> popular demand and there exists a long waiting line for the item.
>> If not, we will do what we always do and fumble through the best we can.
>> Thank you for your kind attentions,
>> Josh
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