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Shelly Davis rdavis at sjcme.edu
Tue Jun 3 16:51:58 EDT 2014

Apologies for the cross-posting, but reaching all Minerva folk with this news is essential...

Late last month, the Minerva Executive Board approved a new policy -


Minerva policy on single-format, multi-disc sets

To avoid the need for volume fields (even "Complete Set"), a Library should create a single bibliographic record for the set and a single item record per library's item.  For sets that are sold with multiple discs in one package, libraries will abide by the original packaging and not break these sets into multiple items.  For example, when a season of a TV series is sold as three discs in one package, libraries should catalog and circulate the set as one item with one barcode.

Exceptions may be made: a.) if the discs in a set are on completely different topics and will be assigned different call numbers, then individual bib records for each disc are permissible b.) if the individual discs have their own ISBNs (e.g., a multi-movie box set), then individual bib records for each disc are permissible.

This policy goes into effect on Friday, June 6.  This policy does not require retroactive conformance, but members are encouraged to adapt grandfathered items to this policy as staff time allows.

Further explanation (that hopefully won't muddy the waters...)

A season of a TV show is one item, regardless of how many pieces (discs) make up the whole.  For example, disc 1 from season 6 is not an item unto itself (regardless of how it is packaged); season 6 is the item.  Therefore, season 6 needs to circulate as one item.  How a library packages a season is a local decision, (multi-disc case, taping/gluing/banding individual cases together, etc.), but it is to have one item record and one barcode. Therefore, no volume field will be needed because everyone's will be a "complete set." (And then holds placed by patrons in the OPAC will be bib-level, not item-level, holds.)  The same goes for a documentary series.  The series is the unit/item, not the individual episodes.

The policy does leave room for exceptions -
For example, you purchased a boxed set of ten Alfred Hitchcock movies; each movie is on its own disc and has its own ISBN.  As each movie is a discrete unit, this set could be broken up.  Each movie would have its own bib and item record.

If you have questions regarding ramifications for either cataloging or circulation, please be in touch with the appropriate committee chair:
Cataloging:  Katherine Morgan - norcat at norway.lib.me.us<mailto:norcat at norway.lib.me.us>
Circulation:  James Rathbun - jamesrathbun at gmail.com<mailto:jamesrathbun at gmail.com>

All the best,

Chair, Minerva Executive Board

Shelly Davis, M.L.I.S.
Director, Wellehan Library
Saint Joseph's College of Maine
278 Whites Bridge Road
Standish, ME 04084-5236
sdavis at sjcme.edu<mailto:sdavis at sjcme.edu>

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