[minervacirc] New Minerva policy re: treatment of DVD/Blu-ray combo packs

Shelly Davis rdavis at sjcme.edu
Fri Mar 28 15:01:13 EDT 2014

Apologies for the cross posting, but it is important that all in Minerva-land receive this notification.

At the Minerva Executive Board meeting on Monday, the Board considered a policy recommendation from both the Circulation and Cataloging Standards Committees regarding the treatment of DVD/Blu-ray combo packs.  The practice has been that all combo packs (whether intact or split) share the same bib record.  If the discs have been spilt into two separate circulating items, the volume field is used to differentiate the DVD from the Blu-ray.   The Board approved the following new policy -
Effective immediately, the policy for the treatment of DVD/Blu-ray combo packs requires the establishment of separate bib records dependent on how the pack will circulate. If the pack is to remain intact, one bib record must be created for the intact combo pack. If the pack is to be separated, one bib record must be created for each circulating item; i.e. one bib record for the separated Blu-ray,  another bib record for the separated DVD, another for the separated 3D Blu-ray, etc. Volume fields are not to be used in these records.
This policy does not require retroactive conformance but members are encouraged to adapt grandfathered items to the new policy as staff time allows.
Please direct questions regarding implementation processes to the appropriate Standards Committee Chair:

*         James Rathbun, Circulation Standards Committee | jamesrathbun at gmail.com<mailto:jamesrathbun at gmail.com>

*         Katherine Morgan, Cataloging Standards Committee | norcat at norway.lib.me.us<mailto:norcat at norway.lib.me.us>


Shelly Davis
Chair, Minerva Executive Board

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