[minervacirc] Update to Sierra - longer start time on first login

Alisia Revitt alisia.revitt at maineinfonet.org
Sun Oct 26 14:32:11 EDT 2014


We have done an update to Minerva's Sierra system.  When it first starts up
on each machine, it will take a long time to download new .jar files.  (On
my machine it took 11 minutes, your mileage may vary).  You will be able to
tell this by a message at the bottom of the login screen.

Any machines that have deep freeze or require administrator permissions to
install changes such as the new .jar files may need to be thawed or to have
someone login with administrator permissions to make the changes stick.
Otherwise it will re-download and take ages fresh every time.

If you have any questions or concerns, please as always send in a ticket to
support at maineinfonet.ort or http://support.maineinfonet.org.

Thanks for your patience,
 Alisia Revitt  |  Library Systems Manager  |  Maine InfoNet  |
alisia.revitt at maineinfonet.org
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