[minervacirc] Grumpy old man yelling at holdshelves

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May I add to this?  I just recently ran the "paged too long" list in
INN-Reach and there is one library with over 100 items that have been
requested and the hold never filled.  I know we're all shorthanded, but the
system works much better if these lists are run and the requests taken care
of in a timely manner.


Susan Taylor

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Greetings folks, and welcome back to another edition of grumpy old man
yelling at things.


I like to check on the status of my beloved items.  Recently, I'm coming
across more and more items at more and more locations that raise the graying
hairs on the back of my neck.  While some may think it is the universal
3-week loan rule (which is fair because I do have the honor of owning the
sole copy of an item with 10 holds, the oldest dating back to February 24)
-this is not the case.  


What I keep seeing are items sitting on the holdshelf WEEKS past their
expiration date.  Due to my small library's hours and days of operation, I
have gotten used to our items sitting on other libraries hold shelves for 9
to 12 days.  If the requesting patron doesn't pick it up in time, it is
either supposed to go onto the next patron or come back home.  But if the
holdshelf is not cleared in Sierra, an item will just sit there collecting
dust until the end of time.  In the past few days, I've come across multiple
items that have holds that expired in JULY yet are still sitting on the
holdshelf, waiting like Godot.  


So please, do your part as a good member of a consortium and CLEAR YOUR
HOLDSHELVES.  Do it more than once a month.  Do it as part of your regular
routine.  Stop enabling patrons from thinking they can have an item arrive
and it will still be waiting on the holdshelf for them 30-days later.  And
help an old man keep what is left of his receding hairline.


Kindest thanks for your attention and cooperation, and remember to stay off
my lawn.







Joshua Tiffany, MLIS

Director - Gray Public Library

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