[minervacirc] Renewal of billed Minerva item

Josh Tiffany jtiffany at gray.lib.me.us
Sat Aug 15 11:15:18 EDT 2015

I'm poking the collective brain to query whether there is set policy
regarding renewing an item that has entered into the billed stage for a
Minerva inter-library loan.  We've come across a few instances where a bill
was generated, we sent it to the patron and notified the patron's home
library, and a day or two later the item is renewed - hence clearing the
bill and extending the overall loan period to a few months.


I scanned the resources I had available but couldn't find anything.  Does
anyone know if this policy has been addressed?


Kindest thanks,



Joshua Tiffany, MLIS

Director - Gray Public Library

(207) 657-4110

jtiffany at gray.lib.me.us


"I know that the enterprise is worthy- I know that things work well. I have
heard no bad news."

-           Henry David Thoreau


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