[minervacirc] Clarification of New Feature Enabled

James Rathbun jrathbun at msln.net
Tue Aug 25 13:29:49 EDT 2015

Hello all,

I'm easily confused and I found myself confused by this new feature and by
the Update email Lynn sent out. After speaking with her to figure out what
the New Feature actually did and how we should use it, I thought I'd send
out a clarification on that just in case anyone else is confused too. Lynn
even created some videos!

*What this does:*
Previously, if a patron wanted to renew an item that had a hold on it, even
if there were available copies in the system, there was no good way for us
to make that happen. It was simply blocked. Now, if a patron wants to renew
an item with holds on it, we can do that for them with the click of a
button. Yah! However, you need to be careful!

*How this works:*
When you try to renew an item with a bib-level hold on it, you'll get a
popup saying "Authorization required: Borrower cannot renew item because:
Title is on hold for another patron" regardless of whether there are
available copies or not. There are two choices: Override and Do Not
Override. Due to the ability to override even if there's an actual
waitlist, by which I mean no available copies, staff needs to be super
careful about this and check on the availability situation before clicking

The following video shows how you could very easily renew an item that has
a actual waitlist going which is not something we should be doing. See
Dropbox video
To be perfectly clear, I'll reference the Simpsons; "Don't do what Donny
Don't does!"

This video, on the other hand, shows how you can renew an item that has a
hold on it but also has plenty of available copies in the system which is
something that you're welcome to do. See Dropbox video

The real key to the whole thing is being aware of what you're doing and
checking on the availability first. If you click Renew and get that popup
and you haven't checked yet, click Do Not Override and go back to figure
out if there are available copies. If there are, feel free to click Renew
again and click Override.

Quoting Lynn's response to me: "Staff education on how to handle this
process is key to making this feature work. Otherwise, it should be
disabled if there is any doubt as to the ability of staff to follow through
with the verification process. We can show folks at the next circ meeting,
as well, and let everyone decide for themselves if this is worth the risk."

So, this will be on the agenda for further discussion at the circ meeting.


James Rathbun
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