[minervacirc] An all too familiar situation

Josh Tiffany jtiffany at gray.lib.me.us
Fri Feb 13 10:19:58 EST 2015

This day greets me with an all too familiar situation.


A staff member was going through the paging list pulling items.  We grabbed
most of them really easily, but one was marked as available but was nowhere
to be found.  After looking through some return carts and then looking
through some oddball locations, we once again checked the record.  


I bet anyone who has worked circ knows where this story is going.


The item was checked in yesterday from a different location and, rather than
being put in transit, it was marked as "available".  


For more time than I care to think about, I've attempted to get this issue
addressed.  In Sierra, as with in Millennium, it is possible to make the
system magically believe that an item can teleport a significant distance in
a matter of seconds (if only we had that capacity.).  While most of the time
these issues are addressed once the item comes back home and is checked in,
this is still a significant hole in our circulation process.  One
wrong-minded individual with access to Sierra could steal thousands of
dollars' worth of items with no trail being left behind.  It is possible our
beloved patrons receive notices that their items are available for pickup
while they could still be hundreds of miles away.  Or, more commonly,
someone wastes their time in the stacks looking for a requested item that is
still coming back home.


This issue was addressed through the Circulation Standards committee at
their last meeting and yet there still appears to be no end in sight to this
problem.  Can anyone please tell me what steps need to be taken to remove
the "ON HOLDSHELF" (when checking in a remote ILL item) or "AVAILABLE" (when
checking in another library's item and sending it back home)?  And if there
is any dissention or business need of these functions in our usage, could
someone please inform me?


As always, kindest thanks for your attentions.




Joshua Tiffany, MLIS

Director - Gray Public Library

(207) 657-4110

jtiffany at gray.lib.me.us


"I know that the enterprise is worthy- I know that things work well. I have
heard no bad news."

-           Henry David Thoreau


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