[minervacirc] Lack of pop ups?

Peggy Malley peggy.malley at ludden.lib.me.us
Tue Feb 17 11:05:39 EST 2015

We are having the same issues here at Ludden in Dixfield.

Peggy Malley
Library Director
Ludden Memorial Library
Dixfield, ME 04224
peggy.malley at ludden.lib.me.us

From: Josh Tiffany 
Sent: Tuesday, February 17, 2015 9:31 AM
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Subject: [minervacirc] Lack of pop ups?

Good morning all,


This morning we checked in 4 items that belonged to different libraries.  When we checked them in, no pop-up appeared telling us to send it along and it looked exactly like checking in an item belonging to our library.  When we double checked the record, it had the status of “in transit”.


Is anyone else having this issue?




Joshua Tiffany, MLIS

Director – Gray Public Library

(207) 657-4110

jtiffany at gray.lib.me.us


“I know that the enterprise is worthy– I know that things work well. I have heard no bad news.”

-           Henry David Thoreau


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