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Lisa Arsenault larsenault at bmpl.lib.me.us
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I think I need a little more explanation of “streamlined checkin.” So does that mean when any item is scanned for check-in, the system will automatically change the status to what it is supposed to be for an item that has been requested either by our own patron or an ILL patron? And then the system will ask if we want to print a transit slip? So we won’t have any more “Fullfill hold” prompt? I’m afraid if I try to figure this out through trial and error checking things in this morning that I won’t be able to do a good job of explaining it to my volunteers. Thanks, Lisa (Boothbay Harbor Memorial Library)


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Hi, All.


Last evening III turned off streamlined printing, so it should  no longer automatically print routing slips for items going to other libraries.  Streamlined checkin is still on, so there is no message asking if you want to check in, put into transit, etc.    Please give it a go and see if it is satisfactory.  You will have to launch a new session to see the changes, so if you left Sierra running all night, restart.  (Generally speaking, leaving it running overnight is probably not healthy, fyi.)


We turned on the streamlined checkin because there was a broad consensus that it was a good thing and it was frequently requested.  However, a couple of people have said that it isn't what they thought it would be when they said they wanted it.  I suggest that we continue to use this for the rest of the week, and if there are still mixed feelings, then we can work on a way of seeing which way the bulk of opinion goes: to keep or to return to the old ways.  




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