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Hi, all.

Adding to Lynn's description, since sometimes it helps to hear it another
way.  The short answer is that you do not need to DO anything differently.
You will simply not be asked to make a choice that you always picked the
same thing, saving you a click.

The streamlined checkin referred to here ONLY changes how the system acts
when you are returning items "back" after your patrons have borrowed them.
In that situation, if you think about it, the item gets run through
"check-in" twice.  Once at the patron's library and once at the owning
library.  The first time, you actually want to change it to "in transit",
not check it in as if it's back on the shelf and available.  The second
time is when you check in your item locally and make it "available" to
check out again.

There are no changes to your items going out or to the "fulfill hold" part
of the transaction.

Here is a cleaned up version of what it says in the manual about the option:

*At the Non-owning/Patron Location*

If you place an item in transit to its owning location or to another pickup
location in order to satisfy an item-level hold, the system does not prompt
to set the item in transit. Instead, the system automatically:

   - Sets the item in transit: (changes the item status to 't' (IN TRANSIT)
   and adds a "transit" message to the item record)
   - The system checks the item in.
   - The system prompts you to print a transit slip

*At the Owning/Item Location*

If you check in an item belonging to your library that was set in transit
to its owning location (i.e., to your library), the system suppresses the

The manual page for this is below (needs your usual Minerva
username/password).  It is confusing because you have to know which
settings we have (which is why I *ahem* streamlined it above), but it may
be interesting to those looking for more info about some of the related


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