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Lynn Uhlman lynn.uhlman at maineinfonet.org
Tue Jun 2 10:23:03 EDT 2015

Good Morning,

Recently, III offered some suggestions as to the prevalence of MaineCat
cancelled holds in patron records. The main reason, that appears to have an
easy solution, is the fact that some Hold Cancellation Notices are not
being run or not run as frequently as they need to be. The
suggestion/solution is to run them system-wide at least once a week,
preferably everyday.

Now while it may appear to be inconsequential or harmless to have cancelled
MaineCat holds sitting on a patron's record, these cancelled holds
​can possibly ​
"eat up" the number of holds a patron can place via MaineCat. This can
cause patrons dissatisfaction when they are unable to request as many items
as they are supposed to be able to. Unfortunately, this won't clear up all
issues, but will take care of a large number of these cancellation issues.

NOTE: It is imperative that when cancelling any hold, but especially for
MaineCat holds, staff cancelling the hold from the Sierra Desktop
Application need to select 'Yes" when the pop-up dialog box asks, "Print
hold cancel notice?". This does not automatically print to your printer,
but sends the cancellation information to the cancelled notice queue and
will be sent when notices are run.

To circumvent this inconvenience to patrons, as well as alleviate the
number of incomplete transactions sitting around in the system, the MIN
office is implementing an Auto Notice to be run weekly for all locations.
This is similar to the system-wide Auto Courtesy Notice that is already in
effect.  Staff that run cancellation notices automatically or manually can
continue to do so without any issues and patrons will not receive duplicate

Thank you for your time.


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