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Lynn Uhlman lynn.uhlman at maineinfonet.org
Fri Mar 13 09:48:10 EDT 2015

Good Morning, Minerva,

Is everyone looking forward to another snowstorm tomorrow? Never fear,
spring is just around the corner...I hope.

To add to the not so great news of another snowstorm, I am writing to
inform you about a Sierra Known Issue with Hold Pickup Notices. Many of you
have noticed the randomness of these notices as of late. Either they don't
show up for quite some time after processing a delivery, or if they do show
up, not all of them are listed.

Well, it appears that something "wonky" is going on behind the scenes and
is slowing down the processing of these notifications. III is aware of the
issue and they have notified Software Engineering that our system is
experiencing this as well. Unfortunately, this also means we do not have an
ETA on a resolution.

So, in the mean time the workaround is to...wait. After doing some testing,
waiting about an hour before preparing the notices tends to let all the the
little hold pickups run over to the notice queue where they will finally
appear when you hit 'Prepare'.

An additional workaround that may help is to set up an auto Hold Pickup
Notice, so that any delayed notices get sent early the next morning, and do
not have to wait until you are able to process them later the next day. If
you need directions on how to create an auto Hold Pickup Notice, please
follow this link:
You will need to sign in with your support center id and password.

Please let me know if you have any questions or need assistance, by
submitting a ticket at support.maineinfonet.org.

Yours Respectfully,


*Lynn A. Uhlman*
*Systems Training and Support Librarian*

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