[minervacirc] Blu-ray buyers - UNITE.... or at least talk a little.

Josh Tiffany jtiffany at gray.lib.me.us
Tue Mar 31 10:47:36 EDT 2015

Hey all,


Forgive the cross posting but I'm attempting to contact an elusive group
that may or may not belong to any of the above lists - the A/V decision


I am writing in the hopes of starting a dialogue among those libraries that
regularly purchase the Blu-Ray / DVD Combo packs for newer movies.  As it
stands now, cataloging policy allows for both the cataloging of these items
as a single unit, plus cataloging them as two different units on separate
bib-records.  The end result can be first one in the pool gets all the
holds, and the alternate bib-record comes along a few days later and
receives a lot less attention.  


It is my hope that if the selected few libraries that purchase these
materials can discuss this issue, we might come to some non-policy level
agreement on how best to proceed on the cataloging of these items.  My hope
is that the more items we can get on a bib-record, the quicker the hold
lists will decrease and the sooner our local items can be back on our


So if you are a library that regularly obtains the combo-packs, let me know
off list and we can start the conversation as a group.


Kindest thanks for your attention,




Joshua Tiffany, MLIS

Director - Gray Public Library

(207) 657-4110

jtiffany at gray.lib.me.us


"I know that the enterprise is worthy- I know that things work well. I have
heard no bad news."

-           Henry David Thoreau


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