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​​Good Afternoon, Minerva Libraries,

Over the past 6 months or so, there have been numerous complaints at the
Circulation Round Table Meetings regarding "stuck" holds, which are hold
requests that appear to sit or linger on a bib record and not be fulfilled
in a timely manner. Unfortunately, there hasn't been a great influx of
examples from which to troubleshoot the situation, so this has been a
lengthy process. Fortunately, a few libraries have been very diligent in
providing examples and possible scenarios, which has finally allowed us to
pinpoint the primary issue.

*The issue at hand... *
The majority of the problems appear to be due to libraries that aren't
running their paging slips in a consistent manner. This is especially
problematic for those records where only one library is attached. III's
recommendation is for paging slips be run every day in order for the system
to function efficiently.

The reasoning behind running it daily stems from the time frame the system
is set to page libraries, which is up to 72 hours after the request has
been made. Once the system hits the 72 hour mark for a request, it will
either move on to the next library if there is one, or just sit there if no
others are attached. To reiterate, once this time limit is reached and
there are no other libraries to move on to, the request *will no longer*

Most of the issues that have been found occur on bib records with only one
library who owns the item. However, this can and does occur on records with
just a few libraries attached. The same problem appears to be the culprit
here...the infrequency of each of those libraries running their notices.
However, there are exceptions to this, but they are hard to weed out based
on the sheer number of "stuck" holds.

*The long and the short of the situation...*
Title-Level paging slips *must *be run daily or at the very least every
other day in order to stay within the assigned time frame.  This way
holidays, illnesses, staffing shortages, snow dates etc. will not prevent
notification of a hold on your item. This should also apply to Item, and
INN-Reach notices even though they don't have the 72 hour time frame. If
these aren't run with regularity it looks like a "stuck" hold to the patron
and their home library.

*So, what to do?*

*Manually run paging lists*
Please run your paging lists/slips every one to two days. Additionally,
make sure you select the Send Notices button when running your paging
lists, so that it this process is logged in the Notice History. Just
hitting the print button does not log that the notices have been run.

*Auto run paging lists*
If manually running paging lists is not an option, please setup automatic
jobs that print the paging slips to a generic library email each day. This
way you can refer back to any requests and fill them as promptly as

Taking one of these steps should cut down on the number of "stuck" holds
other libraries are experiencing when requesting materials, especially on
those records with only one library attached.

*For directions *on setting up a new auto notice or changing an existing
notice job to auto, please refer to this page http://bit.ly/1Mk8iZ2.

Please add the process of running your paging lists as outlined as soon as
possible, but implement no later than *Friday, November 13th*. After that
date, a routine check of the Notice History will be run to verify that
paging lists are being run consistently.

*Current Stuck Holds in the System*
Please refer to this Excel spreadsheet at
for a
current list (06/01/15 to 11/04/15) of "stuck" bib-level holds in The
*worksheet contains a list of bib records where only one library is
attached. The *Multi *worksheet, however, contains a list of bib records
with 2 or 3 libraries attached. To see if you have any "stuck" holds on the
Multi list, please download the spreadsheet and use the drop down filter
arrows at the top of the Location headings to alphabetize those columns and
look for your library code.

If you would like to periodically run a list of stuck bib-level holds for
your library, please refer to the directions listed here

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please submit a ticket
via support.maineinfonet.org.



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*Systems Training and Support Librarian*

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