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I just want to emphasize how critically important it is to follow the
recipe that Lynn has given us for running the Paging lists as part of a
daily routine (along with selecting Send Notices).

This is simply the way the system is designed to operate.  To not follow
these instructions is like not changing the oil in a car.  Before long,
that car will not run right!

Thank you all for your attention to this important task.  --Steve Norman
(Chair of the Minerva Board)

On Mon, Nov 9, 2015 at 2:24 PM, Lynn Uhlman <lynn.uhlman at maineinfonet.org>

> ​​Good Afternoon, Minerva Libraries,
> Over the past 6 months or so, there have been numerous complaints at the
> Circulation Round Table Meetings regarding "stuck" holds, which are hold
> requests that appear to sit or linger on a bib record and not be fulfilled
> in a timely manner. Unfortunately, there hasn't been a great influx of
> examples from which to troubleshoot the situation, so this has been a
> lengthy process. Fortunately, a few libraries have been very diligent in
> providing examples and possible scenarios, which has finally allowed us to
> pinpoint the primary issue.
> *The issue at hand... *
> The majority of the problems appear to be due to libraries that aren't
> running their paging slips in a consistent manner. This is especially
> problematic for those records where only one library is attached. III's
> recommendation is for paging slips be run every day in order for the system
> to function efficiently.
> The reasoning behind running it daily stems from the time frame the system
> is set to page libraries, which is up to 72 hours after the request has
> been made. Once the system hits the 72 hour mark for a request, it will
> either move on to the next library if there is one, or just sit there if no
> others are attached. To reiterate, once this time limit is reached and
> there are no other libraries to move on to, the request *will no longer*
>  page.
> Most of the issues that have been found occur on bib records with only one
> library who owns the item. However, this can and does occur on records with
> just a few libraries attached. The same problem appears to be the culprit
> here...the infrequency of each of those libraries running their notices.
> However, there are exceptions to this, but they are hard to weed out based
> on the sheer number of "stuck" holds.
> *The long and the short of the situation...*
> Title-Level paging slips *must *be run daily or at the very least every
> other day in order to stay within the assigned time frame.  This way
> holidays, illnesses, staffing shortages, snow dates etc. will not prevent
> notification of a hold on your item. This should also apply to Item, and
> INN-Reach notices even though they don't have the 72 hour time frame. If
> these aren't run with regularity it looks like a "stuck" hold to the patron
> and their home library.
> *So, what to do?*
> *Manually run paging lists*
> Please run your paging lists/slips every one to two days. Additionally,
> make sure you select the Send Notices button when running your paging
> lists, so that it this process is logged in the Notice History. Just
> hitting the print button does not log that the notices have been run.
> *Auto run paging lists*
> If manually running paging lists is not an option, please setup automatic
> jobs that print the paging slips to a generic library email each day. This
> way you can refer back to any requests and fill them as promptly as
> possible.
> Taking one of these steps should cut down on the number of "stuck" holds
> other libraries are experiencing when requesting materials, especially on
> those records with only one library attached.
> *For directions *on setting up a new auto notice or changing an existing
> notice job to auto, please refer to this page http://bit.ly/1Mk8iZ2.
> Please add the process of running your paging lists as outlined as soon as
> possible, but implement no later than *Friday, November 13th*. After that
> date, a routine check of the Notice History will be run to verify that
> paging lists are being run consistently.
> *Current Stuck Holds in the System*
> Please refer to this Excel spreadsheet at
> https://www.dropbox.com/s/ddpmv23kpjbr7gu/stuck%20hold%20bibs150601%20to%20151104.xlsx?dl=0 for a
> current list (06/01/15 to 11/04/15) of "stuck" bib-level holds in The *Individual
> *worksheet contains a list of bib records where only one library is
> attached. The *Multi *worksheet, however, contains a list of bib records
> with 2 or 3 libraries attached. To see if you have any "stuck" holds on the
> Multi list, please download the spreadsheet and use the drop down filter
> arrows at the top of the Location headings to alphabetize those columns and
> look for your library code.
> If you would like to periodically run a list of stuck bib-level holds for
> your library, please refer to the directions listed here
> http://www.maineinfonet.org/wiki/index.php?title=Bibliographic_Resources#Stuck_Holds
> .
> As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please submit a ticket
> via support.maineinfonet.org.
> Respectfully,
> Lynn
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