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Good Afternoon,

Apologies for the tardiness of posting this to the listserv, but computer
issues and limited time have been the cause. Thankfully it is now available
and can be viewed via the below link.


*Clarification regarding the generic usernames---*
I will be sending out a generic circulation desk username that clearly
identifies the library with its 3 digit library code to any library that
doesn't currently use one. As explained at the meeting by James Rathbun,
the Circulation Standards Chair, this is to prevent the issue of not  being
able to identify where an ILL'd item has come from.

Currently, the use of individual usernames at the circulation desk when
checking in items does not show which library the item came from. This
makes it difficult to figure out whom to call when a DVD set is missing a
disc or a book is water damaged, etc.

Please note that you can continue to use your individual logins for your
other tasks, just not for the checking in of items. If you have any
questions or concerns regarding this practice, please submit your inquiries
to James Rathbun <jrathbun at msln.net>, Circulation Standards Chair or to the
ticket system at support.maineinfonet.com.


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