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James Rathbun jrathbun at msln.net
Thu Oct 15 15:01:27 EDT 2015

Hi Joanna,

Welcome! As far as the fines go, no, libraries shouldn't be charging fines
on overdue ILL items in that scenario because then they'd be making money
off another library's items. Everyone's circ system should be set up to
automatically waive ILL overdue fines when the item gets returned. However,
you might want to remove the line anyway. Here's why:

We don't charge fines at Baxter Memorial either and used to have a similar
phrase in our notices/policies. We removed such language because it implies
that your patron can always return late items to avoid fines. That may be
the case with your BBH items but if they have an overdue ILL that crosses
the 45 day threshold, BBH gets billed for it and ends up paying the lender
for it. In that case, your patron should be paying you back those fees
whether they bring the item back or not. It's not a fine so much as it is a
replacement cost, and it only applies to a very particular type of overdue,
but the distinction is fuzzy for most patrons so we removed any ambiguity
from all our notices/policies here.

Hope that helps.

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On Thu, Oct 15, 2015 at 1:03 PM, Joanna M. Breen <jbreen at bmpl.lib.me.us>

> Dear All,
> I just signed up for this list -- I'm new at Boothbay Harbor Memorial
> Library and am heading up circulation here.  Greetings :)
> I am going over our billing/overdue letters, and a question arose
> about some of our language.
> Here in BBH we do not charge fines, so the overdue letters that go out
> to our patrons include the line:  "If you locate the item and return
> it promptly to the library, there will be no late fee."
> What I want to know, is if this line should be removed from letters we
> may send to non BBH patrons who have our items out past due.  I.e., if
> they return the item to a home library that charges fines, will there
> be a fine?
> Hope the question makes sense; thanks in advance for your help!
> Cheers,
> Joanna
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