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Actually, I was just informed that some libraries do charge $0.10/day on
ILLs. It's something they would have opted into a few years ago, before my
time on the Committee and apparently not something I paid any attention to.
So, disregard that part. That does make removing the phrase even more
appropriate, though.


On Thu, Oct 15, 2015 at 3:01 PM, James Rathbun <jrathbun at msln.net> wrote:

> Hi Joanna,
> Welcome! As far as the fines go, no, libraries shouldn't be charging fines
> on overdue ILL items in that scenario because then they'd be making money
> off another library's items. Everyone's circ system should be set up to
> automatically waive ILL overdue fines when the item gets returned. However,
> you might want to remove the line anyway. Here's why:
> We don't charge fines at Baxter Memorial either and used to have a similar
> phrase in our notices/policies. We removed such language because it implies
> that your patron can always return late items to avoid fines. That may be
> the case with your BBH items but if they have an overdue ILL that crosses
> the 45 day threshold, BBH gets billed for it and ends up paying the lender
> for it. In that case, your patron should be paying you back those fees
> whether they bring the item back or not. It's not a fine so much as it is a
> replacement cost, and it only applies to a very particular type of overdue,
> but the distinction is fuzzy for most patrons so we removed any ambiguity
> from all our notices/policies here.
> Hope that helps.
> James
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> On Thu, Oct 15, 2015 at 1:03 PM, Joanna M. Breen <jbreen at bmpl.lib.me.us>
> wrote:
>> Dear All,
>> I just signed up for this list -- I'm new at Boothbay Harbor Memorial
>> Library and am heading up circulation here.  Greetings :)
>> I am going over our billing/overdue letters, and a question arose
>> about some of our language.
>> Here in BBH we do not charge fines, so the overdue letters that go out
>> to our patrons include the line:  "If you locate the item and return
>> it promptly to the library, there will be no late fee."
>> What I want to know, is if this line should be removed from letters we
>> may send to non BBH patrons who have our items out past due.  I.e., if
>> they return the item to a home library that charges fines, will there
>> be a fine?
>> Hope the question makes sense; thanks in advance for your help!
>> Cheers,
>> Joanna
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