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Lynn Uhlman lynn.uhlman at maineinfonet.org
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Here is the latest batch of possible stuck holds. Please review and take
care of those that you can.



*Bib Level Stuck Holds *(2 worksheets)
​apl asc asg asu bbh bfl bml cam cfl cml fre gpl hob kbk lit lpl lud mgm
opl pit ric roc rpl ski spb spm swh tck tcw tho ukh uni wit ypl ysh ysm yso​

*Item Level Stuck Holds
apl asf asl bai bfl bml cam cml fml gpl hob jml kbk lit pfl ric rpl sca ski
spm tcc tml tpl ukh uni wit wlk wpl ypl ysm ysv


   - These lists can't account for loan rules
   ​ for locations​
   that prohibit requests
   ​ such as course reserves or special collections​
   , so if there is an item available from another library let them fulfill
   the hold.
   - ​If you are unable to fulfill the hold and your item is the only one
   on the bib record, please update the status and cancel the hold.
   - ​When cancelling a hold, please click *Yes *when the system asks if
   you want to *Print hold cancel notice?* This actually sends it to the
   cancellation notices queue to notify patrons that the holds was cancelled
   and it populates the *View Cancelled Holds* table in the patron's *Holds
   *tab. Otherwise, it will look as if the hold just disappeared, which
   causes patrons and staff confusion as to what happened.​
   - Many of these stuck holds occur when holds are placed in the
   *SDA *by library staff
   ​ instead of the *OPAC *(best practice method), which readily indicates
   whether a hold can be placed or not​
   . Usually
   ​ the stuck holds are due to:
   ​ ​
   folks placing holds on their own items, which won't trigger a paging slip
   ​ ​
   staff not printing the paging slip to the queue. This phrase is
   misleading, but it actually sends it to the paging list queue for the item
   owning library to pull from their shelf.
   ​ This does not print anything on your printer.​
   -there is a loan rule that prevents the item from circulating to another
   library or the patron from receiving an item from another library. This
   happens when library staff place a hold in the SDA by overriding the system.

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