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Davis, Kevin kdavis at southportland.org
Tue Dec 13 14:13:28 EST 2016

Hi Bernie -

There is no formal arrangement between Minerva and non-Minerva libraries as to how these issues are dealt with.  However, given that the system developed between Minerva libraries has worked fairly well since its implementation, I would advise simply following that policy, found here:


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On Dec 13, 2016, at 12:33 PM, Bernie Alie <ybalie at yccc.edu<mailto:ybalie at yccc.edu>> wrote:


I am new in my position, and am not sure how to go about this, so I am writing to the experts.

I know that there is a protocol for items shared between Minerva Libraries, but do not know what the procedure is for items going via MaineCat.

I have 2 items that were sent via INN-Reach to other Maine libraries.  They are now overdue (one was due in Sept., the other in Nov.)  I have looked on the Maine InfoNet site for assistance, and can only find the protocol for Minerva libraries.

What steps do I take when INN-Reach items become overdue?

Thanks for your help.

Bernie Alie
York County Community College

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