[minervacirc] Title-level hold renewals

Lynn Uhlman lynn.uhlman at maineinfonet.org
Thu Feb 4 16:27:21 EST 2016

Good Afternoon,

It appears that patrons have been able to renew on items with title-level
holds and no available copies. Additionally, a similar problem appears on
III's list of current known issues.

This issue may have been solved with the latest upgrade, since it can't be
recreated readily. However, a ticket has been submitted to III to
investigate further into the matter just in case. Also, I have requested
that the patron aspect of the feature be turned off if engineering didn't
create a resolution in the latest upgrade to resolve the problem.
Hopefully, this situation will be resolved expeditiously, so that the hold
queue isn't further circumvented.

Example situation:

   - Patron has an item they wish to renew.
   - They go to the
   ​catalog and view their checked out item list and select
   - The system then renews all items including a copy of the latest
   blockbuster hit which has a multitude of holds on it.--Not supposed to
   happen but ​seems to be occurring randomly

If a current example of this problem is brought to your attention, please
submit a ticket supplying the item and bib record #s, as well as a
screenshot of the holds/bookings summary. This way we have current data
that shows there weren't any available items and the record # information
can be used to track down the circulation transactions. This will allow us
to gain perspective on what occurred and act accordingly.



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