[minervacirc] Read this if you use Statistics in the Sierra client

Alisia Revitt alisia.revitt at maineinfonet.org
Tue Jul 12 10:35:09 EDT 2016

Hello all!

Since the last upgrade, there are problems with the statistics mode in the
Sierra staff client (SDA).  If you use this, read on. If not, no worries.

Basically, do not try to limit the records you search by some logic
(barcode range, for example) within the statistics query.  It gives you
very wrong results.  However, if you run a list in create lists and run the
statistics query you want against that list, it seems to be ok.

Additionally, many statistics queries are getting stuck "in process" and
never completing.  There is no fix for these but to have III delete them.
If you have run a query and it's still there after several hours, send in a
ticket and let us know, and we'll pass it on to III.

So, for the moment, my advice is:

   - 1. If you are just after location breakdowns (for to track size of
   collections or material types by location), you can use the files I have
   already run for all of minerva.  If you look in the statistics RESULTS
   FILES, you can find these files, export to Excel, and delete all but your
   info.  (FYI, these files are very large and will take a long time 30 min
   perhaps? to download. That's still faster than waiting on another
   statistics process to run, though...)

SYS Annual Reports Snapshot Item Records



2016-07-01 04:28:42.0


SYS Annual Reports Snapshot Bib Records



2016-07-02 04:36:50.0


   - 2. Try to get the info you need from running lists and exporting
   fields, rather than using statistics.
   - 3. If you do use stats, do not use any sorts of limits within the
   status module (for example, limiting to your barcode range).  These are not
   being respected.  If you would like to run against only your own items,
   then run a list in create lists, then you can do the stats against that
   review file.  This looks to give accurate results.
   - 4. If a file is in process for more than a few hours, send in a ticket
   and I'll have III zap it (that's what we've had to do so far).

This does not apply to the web statistics or to mainecat statistics--those
are still the same.

The problem is being fixed by III in software engineering (ie, they're
having to rewrite code to fix it), so I"m not sure when a fix will be ready.

Yours in statistics,

 Alisia Revitt  |  Library Systems Manager  |  Maine InfoNet  |
alisia.revitt at maineinfonet.org
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