[minervacirc] Schools Nearing End of Year - Requesting Turned Off

Lynn Uhlman lynn.uhlman at maineinfonet.org
Tue May 10 13:34:54 EDT 2016

In order to give items time to find their way back home (3 wk checkout,
plus transit time), borrowing to and from York Schools, Upper Kennebec
Valley Schools (RSU18), and Augusta Schools has been stopped.

*This means that:*

A) your patrons will not be able to request items that are held by only the
above locations.

B) if you have a book on your hold shelf right now that is from one of the
above locations, it will give an error when you try to check out.  FOR THIS
ONCE, go ahead and override and check out the item AND set the due date to
May 27th (let the patron know the reason for the unusual due date and that
there can be no renewals).

   1. Scan Barcode to check out. Error: "Loan rule says non-circulating"
   2. Click OVERRIDE button.
   3. Click Change Due Date button just above line with new checkout
(right-hand side, middle of the screen).
   4. Pick May 27th as the new due date.  Even if that's less than usual,
sorry.  It needs to get back in time, and you'll have to explain to the

Please send items back promptly so they arrive at their home libraries in

Many thanks for your understanding,

*Lynn A. Uhlman*
*Systems Training and Support Librarian*

*Maine InfoNet*
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Orono, Maine 04469-5784
(207)581-3095 (fax)
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