[minervacirc] Upgrade done!

Alisia Revitt alisia.revitt at maineinfonet.org
Thu May 19 22:28:58 EDT 2016

Hello all,
The Minerva upgrade is finished, so you can indulge in in overnight
cataloging if you feel the urge!

As a reminder:
When you log in to any machine for the first time, it will download a bunch
of new .jar files and take longer to log in.  If this hangs up, give it a
minute or two and try again.  Depending on how many people at multiple
libraries are trying to log in at the same time, it can get busy.
 -- If you are at a library where you need administrator privileges to
update/install, get in touch with your IT folks so they can log in and let
the update happen.  (Academics and Hospitals often have this)
 -- If the program simply will not start or keeps hanging up multiple
times, uninstall and reinstall Sierra following the directions at the
bottom of this email.

If you have any issues, send in a ticket to support at maineinfonet.org or
support.maineinfonet.org and we'll help sort it out.
Thanks for your help in advance,


   - Next Generation Create Lists:
   In Sierra 2.2 the architecture of Sierra has been leveraged to permit
   users to execute advanced JSON searches to create lists. These searches
   allow more sophisticated groupings and facilitate sharing your searches
   with other libraries. As simple as a cut and paste to the Sierra Listserv.
   Specifically there are two new methods of building a Create Lists query:
   - an "Enhanced" query builder that displays query conditions in a more
      intuitive manner and supports associating multiple terms with a
target, as
      well as a new "IN" operator
      - a "JSON" query builder that represents the query in JSON. These
      JSON-formatted queries can be saved to, and loaded from, the user's local
   - Sierra Statistics:
   Sierra Statistics has been refactored to better access the Sierra
   architecture providing end users with an optimized experience running
   statistics in Sierra.

Uninstall current version of SDA via the uninstaller called *Change Sierra
Desktop App Installation* or *Uninstall Sierra Desktop App* (depends on
your build).

You find this via the folder path of your SDA installation and is found via
path like so

*Sierra Desktop App-->Sierra Desktop App_Installation-->Uninstall Sierra
Desktop App Installation*

Once you have run the uninstaller and it exits, make sure you delete the
root Sierra folder if it still shows on the hard drive, then reboot the
machine and then go the link below and download the installer for your OS.
Please make sure you select the correct link based on your consortium. The
installer page may try to run a java applet to identify your OS, but you
can ignore/not run the applet if you wish and simply select the correct OS
installer. During install when prompted for the server, enter


 Alisia Revitt  |  Library Systems Manager  |  Maine InfoNet  |
alisia.revitt at maineinfonet.org
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